School Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Our goal is for students to arrive and depart in a safe and orderly manner. Please notify the office by 3:00 if there is a change to how your student will go home that day.

Student Arrival
1. Upon arrival, students will either go to the gym for breakfast or to their assigned grade-level area.
2. Students are expected to be at breakfast or in their designated area unless they have a pass from a staff member.
Parent Drop Off
1. Students may be dropped off no earlier than 8:35 (unless enrolled in our Right-At-School program).
2. For safety, please follow the directions of our staff. They will guide parent drop off so that traffic runs smoothly and safely.
3. If you would like to walk your child to the gym, please park in a designated parking spot and come to the office for a pass.
Thank you for your cooperation so we can ensure safety and account for everyone who is in the building.
Student Dismissal
1. Students will walk with their teacher from the classroom to bus/pick up. They are expected to walk in a line, following their teacher.
2. All students exit the same door as their class. Students may not exit from the side doors.
3. Students remain seated in their designated area in the gym until their teacher dismisses them.
4. Once students are outside, they may not return to the building to use the bathroom, go back to the classroom, etc.
Parent Pick Up
1. Once all classes have arrived in the gym, parents will enter the gym through the “IN” doors.
2. Parents and students will exit gym through the “OUT” doors.
3. Be prepared to show ID if you do not routinely pick up your child. This is to ensure the safety of our students.